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ECO NO.1 delivers a yield improvement of 15-25% and pays for itself in 1.5 - 5 years, depending on the type of home and family situation

ECO NO.1 can be combined with any closed combi boiler and is easy to connect.

By using high quality materials (stainless steel/aluminum), the ECO NO.1 has a lifetime of 20-30 years.


Winner SPARK Bootcamp!

5 June 2015

After two intense days at SPARK Bootcamp we achieved a result that we are obviously very proud of!

We have been named THE winner of SPARK Bootcamp 2015! Awesome result, and very proud of our team.


16 January 2015

We will participate in an Ambassador Congress in De Kuip in Rotterdam on 27 January. We will be asking a number of questions to the ambassadors of Italy, Spain, Luxembourg and Germany. We would like to have researched whether it is possible that our ECONO1 could be suitable for installation in the respective countries.

Start production

14 January 2015

Production for the domestic market has now started with the new compact models of 115/140/165 cm high and 13 cm wide.

Website & 3D

20 December 2014

The ECONO1 website is being optimised with technical information and a 3D video that makes it clear how efficiently the ECONO1 works.


Here is an overview of frequently asked questions and answers.

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What is the lifetime of the Heat exchanger?

We assume a lifetime of 30 years. The Eco no.1 is made entirely of stainless steel and will therefore not wear off.

What warranty period will you give?

We provide a warranty of 10 years.

How are the yields determined and who has tested?

The yields are determined by the European Certification Organisation KIWA who have tested it in their European test center in Apeldoorn.

What are the extra yields of the various types of Heat exchangers that can be achieved with boilers?

The longest version 1.65, with an average yield of 25% with normal household use.

The middle version is 1.40 with an average yield of 20% with normal household use .

The middle version is 1.40 with an average yield of 20% with normal household use

KIWA tested based on minimal yield under the worst circumstances and that yield was detemined at 12%. These results are recorded in a report.

What is the payback period of the heat exchanger?

This depends on the consumption of the M3 gas but on average this payback period is between 1.5 and 5 years.

Is the Heat exchanger safe to use at home?

The heat exchanger is completely safe for use at home. It uses no energy and is similar to a radiator.

What is the delivery time of the heat exchanger?

We have a delivery time of 2 months.

Who is ECONO1. BV and

These are companies established by Holding and Ron Postma Holding BV.

These companies are led by Entrepreneurs who have been doing business since many years. Dit zijn bedrijven die opgericht zijn door Holding en Ron Postma Holding BV.

What is Sustainable Tuesday?

Sustainable Tuesday is an initiative of IVN to collect all innovative ideas that come from society and could be sustainable for that same society. These are brought to the attention of politicians in The Hague to help the inventors to put their ideas into the marketplace.

Sustainable Tuesday will take place at the Binnenhof in The Hague. With great public interest from the media, the awards will be presented there. download the press release dated 2 September 2014

download the press release dated 2 September 2014 (dutch)

What does one m3 of Gas cost?

This costs, incl. energy tax, between 0.60 and 0.65 cents in The Netherlands.


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